An automated text analysis tool to detect scam ICOs

Hello everyone.

I've been reading a lot recently about the ICOs, cryptocurrencies and scam involved. Things are I'm a developer and it would be very interesting to me to try new ideas for software etc, I find it exciting.

How do you think, would it be useful having an open source tool for ICO's text analysis? So that you provide text of the ICOs you believe are scammy and a list of the "good" ones and can test if the new announcement is scam or not?

Is it worth to develop such a thing, would people start using it?
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Re: An automated text analysis tool to detect scam ICOs

I don’t believe much in these tools. I always prefer more sensible ways and that’s following of the news, as that enables one to be able to perform better and avoid any major hiccups. I find this all so very easy and better with CryptoNewsTrends, it is one of the BEST Cryptocurrency news providing site with absolutely fantastic system as well. With all this, it makes everything work entirely nicely for everyone involved.
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