Does anyone have knowledge to share about this new ICO ?

I've been contemplating for a few days now If I should invest in Cultural Coins.
I read up on them a little and apparently it's a company Called Cultural Places that has been involved in the cultural scene for years, they saw the opportunity to Connect a Coin to that, hence the Cultural Coin was born. My guess is that your museum ticket's could be bought this way then?
The website for Cultural Places looked good and I read through the Whitepaper and it all seems to check out.
I just wanted to ask here, since I'm not that experienced with Initial Coin Offering what your thoughts on this were.
It would probably help me even more if anyone here had any experience with Cultural Coins.
I also did some research on Ticketing with Crypto Currency but I'm afraid the concept isn't completely clear to me yet.
Any help would be dearly appreciated!
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