insChain Goodwill Ambassadors Wanted!!!

insChain Goodwill Ambassadors Wanted!!!

insChain is an insurance ecosystem based on blockchain. The mission of our community is to help and care for each other when in need, where every member and user is vital constituent. For their benefit and to achieve our mission, the insChain Team is devoted to providing the most powerful protection mechanism.
With new technologies at the core, our team seeks the transformation of traditional insurance process mechanism through product digitalization and process modularization. QTUM and NEO, two large fast-growing smart contract projects, have recognized the great potential of the insChain project and lent their strong support. insChain is backed by first-tier investment institutions such as Danhua Capital and GSR Ventures. Adhering to the vision set out at the beginning of our journey, we traverse the extra mile to make insChain useful to its community members and true to their most basic and urgent needs. Aside from our leading technological position, that’s what differentiates us from similar programs.
To better promote the insChain idea and to realize our vision, now 100 insChain Goodwill Ambassadors are wanted globally. All blockchain aficionados who resonate with our culture of mutual caring and help are welcome to apply.
If You
- are driven by innovation
- believe in the blockchain technology
- acknowledge the values of insChain
- have time, capability and ideas
- You are welcome to be an insChain Goodwill Ambassador.

As an insChain Goodwill Ambassador, you will be given preference in participating in insChain mutual aid plans, our global technical exchange seminar (on and offline) and member meeting for Global communities, and will have a chance to showcase yourself on our official website. In addition, each also receives 100 GET tokens per month. This will afford you an in-depth understanding of the blockchain industry and expand your network.
To apply, please send us email with your resume including the following information to, name, nationality, Facebook account name, Telegram and LinkedIn and also the reasons, expectations and suggestions you have for becoming an insChain Goodwill Ambassador. We will revert to you as soon as possible.
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