Cryptonex cloud mining

POS mining has recently shown its advantages, no wonder many big players are gradually transmitting to it. Its advantages overweight the possible disadvantages, in my opinion. Cryptonex is bringing it to a new level:

- To start mining you only need access to the Internet.
- The profit is 11% annually, excluding the rate growth.
- The speed of reward is the same as with the largest wallet in the network.

Together with the cloud mining launch, all Cryptonex currency owners will receive a 20% bonus when sending currency for mining with 1 year hold.
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Re: Cryptonex cloud mining

Oh, PoS is very intriguing thing. If I get it right, the principle of it is to increase the amount of coins just by holding without extra investments? Like any commom deposit in bank? Then it’s suitable for people who have really big funds, with which they can receive significant income from deposit. I’m using CCG contracts because of their wide bonuses (far more than 20% only, check them here: ) but want to diversify investments. Let’s say, if I’d invest 2 BTC, how much can I get in one year?
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