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ECOS Cloud Mining - CryptoHeresy ⚡️

ECOS Cloud Mining

ECOS is happy to greet you on our thread!
We are an innovative IT company based in Armenia, in the Free Economic Zone.

In 2018 an agreement was signed between the Government of Armenia and ECOS, where ECOS was appointed an operator of the Free Economic Zone. Its unique infrastructure allows us to have 0 taxes and get low electricity rates from one of the largest power plants in Armenia.
ECOS has its own data center at the territory of the Free Economic Zone (watch the video), where we provide services of cloud mining as well as sell mining devices right from our warehouse and co-locate them on our hosting site.

If you are new to mining you can try mining in the cloud – it doesn’t require anything from you. The most modern and powerful equipment (Bitmain Antminer T17 and S17) is already installed there, you can just purchase a contract and rent a part of a mining device. No need to buy the whole device, wait for it to be shipped to you, cleared on customs, then install and maintain and pay for electricity. Not saying about the threat of fire!

If you want to get even more profit – you can purchase a whole device and we will co-locate it on our hosting site right the next day. You also don’t need to wait for shipment, for customs clearance, care about maintenance and electricity supply. We will do it all for you – you just pay monthly hosting fee, which already includes all the costs. As soon as you require us to ship the device to you we will do it.

We also provide separate hosting services within ECOS - RosAtom project at territory of Udomlya nuclear plant in Russia (for more details click here.)

You can find more details of the project on the website mining.ecos.am
If you are obsessed with crypto currencies and would like to try mining, but prefer to have no noise, heat and fire danger at home, then welcome to Ecos! Our services are convenient and safe.

We will be happy to get your feedback! Please help us improve our service to make cryptocurrencies more available to everyone involved.
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Re: ECOS Cloud Mining

New Year's resolutions?

✔️ live more, work less
✔️ delegate routine work - including earning $$ - to machines (#miners)
✔️ work (way) less, earn (waaaay) more
✔️ be proactive about your well-being, have no worries about tomorrow - or 10 years from now

To all who share our values we will be running the Mining 101 webinar on January 10th.
Use a special link for free registration
Have a truly prosperous new year!

P.S. Check the video from our previous webinar How To Make Money In The Bear Cryptomarket and How To Benefit From Halving.
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Re: ECOS Cloud Mining

What our clients say➡️➡️➡️

#ECOS is proud to acknowledge that over 2019 the stable trend of our customers has been to return and buy more equipment after they'd made their first purchase nand had been #mining for some time. We've worked very hard on improving stable and profitable performance of our #investment products, which led us to introducing new #product - #asic with hоsting by the end of the year. Here, you simply buy asic + hosting online, wait 24 hrs while we deliver and set it up at our #data-center, and start mining the next day! #Earning #btc has never been this simple and fast.

To better acquaint you with the product, we are giving $25 #cashback in January. Hurry while the offer lasts!
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Re: ECOS Cloud Mining


As we continue to observe, #bitcoin #exchange rate keeps going up. Many experts share an opinion that a stable upward trend will remain strong for some time. If you ever thought of getting into #mining #market, there is hardly any time as perfect as now! Get your #hotdeal for #asic + #hosting ➡️➡️➡️ HERE
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Re: ECOS Cloud Mining

Mining via external #hosting site - pros and cons.

🤔Are you thinking about starting #mining but still have doubts and would like to get the answers to the questions like:

❓What types of mining to select?

❓What are the main benefits and risks?

❓How to select a hosting site and which criteria to take into account?

Than join #ECOS free on-line #webinar and get the answers within 20 minutes and get extra #bonus from ECOS!
Join our mining webinar on January 21st @ 1 pm GMT. Free registration ➡️➡️➡️ HERE
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Re: ECOS Cloud Mining

Attention! Last day of Asic + hosting sale at old prices (all prices will be indexed tomorrow).

What it is: #Asic with #hosting, $1299. What you get: 24-hr setup from the time you make an online purchase — you literally start mining the next day! Plus, free month of hosting now.

What we take care of: delivery of equipment to our #data center and installing it, hosting setup, your personal profile setup, from where you will be monitoring your inome 7/365.

Buy your #Bitmain #Antminer #T17 ➡️➡️➡️ HERE
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