3 Million people is having Bitcoin in China


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Even after ban in China still 3 Million people in country have this revolutionery crypto coin. This fact revealed on June 29 by Li Honghan, a researcher at Renmin University in the New Financial Trends and Fin-Tech Summit 2018, China.

According to news reports, it is estimated that more than 50% of global bitcoin mining capacity is located in China only. Even Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse also recently attacked bitcoin by claiming that it is “controlled by China.”

For more details, feel free to visit : Crypto News
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Re: 3 Million people is having Bitcoin in China

Well China is home to 3/4 of the worlds bitcoin mining operations, it would not be surprising that such a huge number of people have btc.

China also recently started investing in crypto and blockchain. When I mean China, I mean certain cities of China and not China as a whole.

China as a whole is still downplaying ICO's, Crypto and Blockchain but each of the cities in order to keep the cash in their cities instead of being invested elsewhere in the world where crypto is allowed has started investing in blockchain and crypto.

I can see that the people who own BTC will grow even more in the upcoming months.
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