Looking for serious relationship!


Good day! I have an issue which I would like to share with you all. I am interested in long term relationship. Because my past relationship didn't exist more than a year. I am much more disappointed right now. I don't want to happen this situation again. I am looking for someone who will care myself and my family at the same time. I have heard about online dating websites are that kind of platform. And someone has referred me few dating websites. Here is one of them http://mysugardaddybaby.com/

Does anyone use this kind of platform yet? Please let me know.
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Re: Looking for serious relationship!

Are you sure dude that this is the best place to find a new love? Or someone interested in a serious relationship? I can bet that there are a much more appropriate places. I do not know where are you from, but maybe there are some parks or pubs in your neighborhood? I met my girlfriend at the library :)

Wish you that you will find someone to HODL soon! ;)
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