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We can own your favorite celebrity card in the Ethereum block chain, you can imagine the game called Cryptocelebrities!
We can purchase a celebrity contract worth up to ETH. From 0.05 ETH to 0.5 ETH, the price to purchase the contract is 1.2 times the current value. From the top 0.5 ETH, the new contract price is 1.15 times the current contract value.
The Cryptocelebrity game is crowded with the Ethereum network. Because for his popularity. So, in fact, my stuff is good for celebrities to use. For more info visit
Crypto Popularity is a way to purchase a text version of popular people using Ethereum (ETH). CryptoCelebrities is a new web-based "game" where familiar Hollywood watchers can purchase celebrity "contracts" in exchange for Ettaria. So I am happy to play this game.
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