CRYPTOLUME: TA Alerting Tool (MACD, RSI, Volume/Price, Arbitrage + More)



Cryptolume ( is a smart cryptocurrency analysis tool that lets you instantly save time finding profitable ALT coins by using Technical Analysis metrics to find, and alert on via Desktop/Mobile and through our Web Interface.

We have been actively developing since November 17 and have over 1500+ cryptocurrency pairs across our application across 7 popular exchanges.

We've been storing millions of rows of data per month and have been building algorithmic based alerts and metrics to assist traders in finding information. The aim of Cryptolume is to incorporate TA together with Social Media analysis, Data Science and Aggregation of data to give users information quickly over a cup of coffee.

What Cryptolume can do:

- Find oversold/overbought RSI markets
- Find MACD crossovers in realtime across all our exchanges
- Search social sentiments for top cryptocurrencies to see if there is negative, neutral or positive feedback towards the coin as of late
- Volume/Price pumps: We have inhouse algorithms that find volume/price pumps and alerts users that these are happening.
- Buyer/Seller percentages: You can now see how many active buyers/sellers there are for a given crypto in real time across the entire exchange
- Arbitrage scanning: We scan for arbitrage possibilities across all of our connected exchanges. Usual profitable ratios are 3~14%.
- Global Market Cap TA: We build RSI values, volume/price info from consolidated market data from Market Cap (This RSI sometimes moves faster than exchange specific ones)
- Coin Addition Alerts: Be alerted when a cryptocurrency enters any of the popular exchanges.
- And a lot more

What's coming soon?

- Github activity: Tracking commits across popular projects and showing this in a nice GUI, also table format which can easily be sorted by popular metrics. We will also be looking to see if this brings any relevant price action and create alerts for our users to track this.

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