Re: MinerWorks - Mining, Overclocking and Monitoring in one solution

BETA 4 Update Notes:


Fixed incorrect display of fields for the second coin ( in some cases ).
Added new ports for current pools.
Added new coins for current pools.
Added new pools (AikaPool, ViaXMR, PoolDD, SupportXMR, XMRPool, BTCZPool, ZenPool).
Added new coins (Akroma, Aura, HotelByte, Nekonium, DubaiCoin, Elementrem, Ellaism, Pegasoin, Pirl, Shaft, Soil, WhaleCoin, Snowgem, BitcoinPrivate, Commercium, Litecoinz, Swipp, Muncoin, KZCash, Dimecoin, Quark, Desire, GoByte, OnexCash, OrbitCoin, PhoenixCoin, TrezarCoin, Vivo, ADZcoin, Eryllium, Kurrent, MarijuanaCoin, OliTwistCoin, Ozziecoin, Prime-XI, QuebeCoin, AuroraCoin, BelaCoin, BlazerCoin, DogeCoin, GeertCoin, LunaCoin, Megacoin, MoonCoin, PinkCoin, SakuraCoin, Verge, WorldCoin, Linx, Dinero, Sparks, Crowdcoin).


Completely redesigned overclocking for AMD and NVIDIA cards.
The support of various video cards AMD is expanded.
Added update of the current overclocking values ​​once per second.
Added a separate column for the current overclocking values.
Fixed a bug where clicking the Apply or Reset buttons the slider and the current overclocking indicators showed different values.
Fixed Auto Fan Speed ​​function.
Fixed a bug where the Auto Fan Speed ​​button did not always block the corresponding slider.
Changed icon of Auto Fan Speed.


Completely redesigned charts.
The dynamic boundaries of the charts along the Y axis are added.
Added hints when hovering over chart points.
Added chart points to the charts of the Mining section.
Fixed Gpu Usage chart in Monitoring Advanced.
Changed charts in Monitoring Simple to charts from Monitoring Advanced.
Changed the size of points in the legend of the charts.
Changed the size of points in the charts.
The maximum number of displayed points on the charts is reduced to 20 pieces.


Completely redesigned section of program settings.
Added auto-start mining when the program is started.
Added current version number in the program settings.
Added hints and cursor changes when hovering over the items in the program settings.
The settings window has been replaced with a tab.

Added lists of supported pools, coins and miners to the site in the Services section.
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Re: MinerWorks - Mining, Overclocking and Monitoring in one solution

BETA 6 Update Notes:

Cut out Simple cut.
Cut out Overclocking Simple.
Cut out Monitoring Simple.
The appearance of the updater has changed.
The email field is now optional.
Now the wallet address appears only for pools where it is required.
Changed page transition animations.
Changed the content of tooltips on the charts.
The Auto-Fan Speed ​​icon in Overclocking is changed.
Changed the icons for adding charts in Monitoring.
Added automatic selection of the miner when choosing a coin, if there is no alternative miner for the given coin.
If only one port and server are available for the pool, they are automatically selected.
Fixed a bug where you can not interact with the workspace of the Monitoring tab when the add graph menu is open.
Fixed a bug with the display of the email field.
Fixed a bug where the name of the field is called the name of the miner when the miner is automatically selected.
Added currency display on the profitability graph and in the lower left corner when the mining was started.


Updated the current pools.
MinerGate cut out.
Anonymous mining for Coinmine has been added.

Updated the current miners.
Added Sgminer (Nicehash fork).
Added Dstm`s Miner.
Added the ability to configure the API port in the settings.
Mining opportunity is added when idle.
Added new coins for Dual Mining.
Redesigned Payment ID for Pascal.
Added Payment ID for Cryptonight / Cryptolight coins.
Now only those miners that are supported by the current video card / graphics cards are displayed.
Fixed a bug where graphs of statistics in the mining sometimes hung (on some miners).

Dual mining
Added the ability to select another pool for the second coin.


Added the ability to change the refresh rate of the graphs in the settings.
Fixed a bug where the application did not automatically start after the update.
Fixed a bug where the application was not opened from the tray when it was first run after the update.
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