Re: MinerWorks - Mining, Overclocking and Monitoring in one solution

Changes in Beta version 2.0.0:

Completely redesigned and modified interface and design of solution.
Added the ability to auto-switch to the most profitable coin.

The interaction with the coin addition page has been changed. Now all the fields appear in turn when adding a new coin.
Changed the behavior of the toggle dual mining. Now it is not necessary to select the daggerhashimoto algorithm to switch to dual mining mode.
Changed the relationship between coins and pools. Now the coin is selected first, and then the pool.
Added automatic selection of the miner depending on the results of the benchmark. The most powerful miner is selected automatically.

The overclocking profiles are added.
Added the ability to change overclocking values ​​in text fields.
The ability to synchronize cards is added.

The actual values ​​of the chart by cards added in the chart legend.

Added the ability to change the theme.
Added Russian localization.
Added the ability to change the profitability check time for auto-switching coins.

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