spectro.space - A CryptoCoin Analyzer with Spectrograms

Hi All,

I've just released spectro.space (https://spectro.space), A CryptoCoin Analyzer with Spectrograms! The default coin-pair is BITCOIN-USD. This is a free web-based graphing tool that allows you to view over 2000 different coins, and a lot more coin-pairs. The semi-novel thing about spectro.space is the spectrogram graphs.

What is a spectrogram? A spectrogram is a graph that shows how a signal's frequency content changes over time. Magnitude is shown in color, and frequency vs time are shown along the vertical and horizontal axes respectively. All signals ( market-prices, sound, light, etc. ) are made up of a collection of frequencies. Think of light shining through a prism. It appears to be a small point when it hits the prism, but when it comes out, it spreads into the light's spectrum of colors ( aka frequencies ). The same is true for our crypto-market signals above. For instance, look at the price graph as it changes in time, its spectrogram graph below it is showing the price's spread of frequencies as they come out of a "prism-algorithm" in that moment of time.

Check it out, and let me know what you think! I'd love any and all feedback!

Thank you!
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