Equal money for all people

Image the hypothetical initial situation: the government of your country has all the money and we need to share it with the citizens.
Should everyone get an equal share? Or the salary will depend on man's working time/intelligence/physical power/experience? 🤔
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Re: Equal money for all people

You could try reading some socialist/communist texts if you're interested in this. One I read recently is 'News From Nowhere' by William Morris... it's fiction but it's basically his socialist wet dream. They have no currency, they all just help each other when they need it... it's bs in my opinion, the world is never going to be equal. And even if everyone got equal pay, people would find ways to assert their dominance in other ways
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Re: Equal money for all people

Personally I believe a UBI (explained well here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl39KHS07Xc) would be ideal, but I'm also someone who believes in a pretty large form of socialism so there's that. I don't really fall for the "large government" debate as the United States government is already very large, down to the point that they know nearly every single thing you do and could examine it if they so desired, and with a budget plan that made any sense it could very much be possible.
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"Many individuals are doing what they can. But real success can only come if there is a change in our societies and in our economics and in our politics."
David Attenborough

Re: Equal money for all people

kenzie wrote:
December 22nd, 2017, 3:30 am
Total equality is utopia and impossible in our cruel world. Fair money division is nothing but opium of the masses. There will always be men who want more and more, this is a part of our human nature.
Right, I also consider this idea as impossible... but it's questionable what 'human nature' actually is. Francis Fukuyama for example wrote that all of the wars and conflicts starts because of lack of serotonin in one's brain. If people felt fine with themselves maybe they wouldn't feel the need to prove how powerful they can be. And money is one of the tools...
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Re: Equal money for all people

Wait a moment ... Equal money for everyone is a beautiful idea? Not for me.

First of all - why do we recognize that "equally" means that everyone has a lot? And what if "equally" means little to everyone? Is this idea still beautiful at the time?

Secondly - why is my neighbor, who is supported by social welfare, only eat, drink beer and watch matches on TV, he should have the same amount as me? I work every day and after work I sit on CoinDeal (I recommend you this exchange) and try your hand at trading. Why should we have "equally"?

I am happy to discuss this with you.
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Re: Equal money for all people

But no one wrote that "equally' means a lot and no one expects so. This idea can be beautiful but only if you try to think about it in a wider context. For example anthropological or psychological.
To understand the problem it's good to understand consequences of economic differences first. How big influence it has on humanity. That this is the reason of crimes, survival struggles, while desire for having more money never ends (especially among certain kind of people).
I'm sorry but I can't really answer your question about 'lazy neighbour, drinking beer and always having money', it's not the level I let myself wasting time for.

Anyway, at least I'm happy you're using CoinDeal. Great choice!
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