Mining water heater (large scale)

Hi there

In the past some ideas have surfaced regarding using bitcoin miners as water heaters. I've searched the forum, as well as on google looking for someone who has a water heating product but I am yet to find the correct product. So I'm looking for recommendations in the forums. Is there anyone here that is experimenting with a water heater, immersion or other type, or knows of a company doing so?

We have gotten a big stream of cold water (around 4°C) and a buyer for the water at a higher temperature. Electricity price is also competitive in the region. We are looking at a rather large scale operation, 1MW+. In theory the miners should use less energy per hash due to lower cooling costs, and be able to sell the hot water as a secondary form of revenue. This should increase the profits significantly.

If anyone is doing something similar, please let us know.
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