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Crypto currency in five years!

Legendary investor Tim Draper is confident that in five years all will use crypto currency. According to Draper, the technological shift that we can observe now will be more significant than the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. Answering the question about how he sees the current sit...

Bloomberg: Banks Are Building a Super-Speed Money Highway in the Nordics

let's show them how competition looks like ! bitcoin can also do high speed trading apparently xD SOURCE: P.S been reading alot of articles lately and tbh I think we dont have good writer...

Re: My husband wants half of my cryptos and wants me to sell half of all our holdings now.

I don't see a good way out of your problems. The market is what it is at the moment and selling at this point is probably a bad decision, but you are aware of that. My advice to you is to do some more research or maybe find some positive youtube videos from known persons (celebrities) your Husband c...

Re: Drawbacks of Cryptocurrency from becoming MainStream

1. I can't think of many good reasons for memorizing an address. Anyway, sometimes transferring an address between devices can be cumbersome, but usually it is not a problem and there are ways other than writing it down. Some sort of address registration service might be helpful, but if it were real...

Re: To all scammers

I think we all have been scammed at one point or another. The longer you're here the higher your chances..

I don't think that these scammers will every be caught. With mixers, exchanges and altcoins they can easily hide their tracks.

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