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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

- Sign up on the website of the mobile app of our corporation
- Choose the partner store where you’d like to obtain a discount
- Make purchases in the partner store
- Top up personal account the way you’d like to
- Get revenue in partnership programs
- Get cashback on each purchase you make!

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

We credit bounty honestly! Bounty gives the possibility to receive tokens of ICO projects without investments. In fact, this is a marketing promotion of the ICO encouraging users to take certain actions, such as social media activity, translation, search of bugs etc....

[ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

What makes Aunite Group different from 95% of other ICO projects? Aunite Group: Has been successfully running for more than 4 years; Is officially set under the Russian law, pays taxes and fully legal; The last year, made a volume in the amount of $8.3 mln.; Regardless of the ICO’s results, we’ll co...

Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

BENEFITS FOR INVESTORS ICO Aunite Group is an excellent solution suiting almost any investment strategy. Here is why: Demanded and time proven product Mature business with the volume as of $8,3 mln 100% legal business Convenient deposit, withdrawal, and exchange of AU for USD, EUR, RUR, BTC, ETH. Lo...

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