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Re: Hello!

Hi Angela and harview! Thank you for such a warm welcome. I've been interested in the topic for several months. Tell me something more about yourself! What are your hobbies besides crypto currencies?


That’s what tiggers like best! Have you heard about the game organized by the CoinDeal platform? "Premier League is just ahead of us, and we have a little game for you! Have you ever played in #fantasy football? We've got a lot of rewards - so stakes are high! It doesn't matter if you are a pro or j...

Re: is it worth to trust platforms?

Hi Southalex, here is the topic about the most trustworthy platforms In my humble opinion, when you are a beginner, pay attention to the following: 1) opinions on the platform found on the web 2) security issues 3) choice of avail...

Re: Exchanges You Can Trust

Hi everyone, thank you for sharing your opinions. Similar to harview i'm sticked to the CoinDeal. I took my first steps with cryptocurrencies with this platform. I always say, CoinDeal is very friendly for beginners. The platform has 24/7 support available and seems very trustworthy. On the other ha...

Re: Futurocoin?

BTW @harview and @giovannizambonini1 do you have any experience in trading the FTO? What platforms do you use? I use CoinDeal, I'm satisfied but I will gladly get an opinion on other platforms.

Re: Futurocoin?

Hi @harview, great thanks for sharing your opinion. According to the info on Futurocoin website there are currently 7 platforms where you can trade FTO: Bitbay, Exrate, Yobit, Piyasa, Coindeal, SoutXchange, Coinbe. Alexander, will you change your mind?

Re: Futurocoin?

I registered on the third forum about the crypto during last few months and on each of them were a bunch of topics regarding FutureCoin. Do you think they are all made by spammers? :O I was also surprised but still they are available on the markets and their white papers looks trustful. Please share...

Re: Sex, Alcohol and Blockchain: Why White Papers, FAQs Make for Interesting Reading

Hi Nick, thank you for the interesting post. I always read white papers and some of them are really well written. For example, last time I read the FuturoCoin white papers and found the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto quotation: “Just as the technology of printing altered and reduced the power of medieva...

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