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Re: Who controls Bitcoin?

Thanks cryptogeek for the nice explanation! At first it was hard to understand how cryptocurrencies work.. like, there must be someone or something who decides which coin is good or bad and how the course of BTC (for example) changes the other day. Everything is getting more and more clear now. Your...

Re: Bitcoin is down. Time to buy?

Hey guys,
I know that Bitcoin is the most popular coin out there. So I've often heard that you should only invest in any Altcoin, when you're already owning Bitcoin (or a part of it).
Do you think so too? Isn't it smart to invest in another (cheaper) coin at first?
I'm curious to hear your opinions!

Re: My List of 15 Bitcoin Influencers to Follow Right Now [CH Special]

Impressive personalities! Especially as a newbie it's very interesting to get to know their way of thinking. I don't know if I ever heard of one of those guys.. only one or two names sound familiar to me. I'll scroll through their Twitter timelines and check their videos on Youtube out in the evenin...

Re: A List of Crypto Podcasts

Thank you for this list! I'm a big fan of podcasts, you can easily listen to them during sports, driving to university or at home. I like it when someone gives you an understanding of a certain topic. It's a good way to dive into a new matter. I'll definitely start listening to the first podcast tom...

New here!

Hey guys,
I'm new to this forum and also to cryptocurrencies.
A friend of mine has drawn my interest to this topic. I'm still not sure if I ever get how all this works but I'm trying my best ;)
I'm looking forward to some exciting discussions!
Have a nice day (:

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