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SilentNotary presented its blockchain, a good gift to the community for the new year. What do you think?

I do not know how soon will be to the moon. In our difficult time, we must wait for the entire market to turn, but this is definitely a plus for the project, because now they are not tied to the developments of other projects. They have all their own.

the end or not?

What do you think about the future of crypto projects? Is it worth investing in them? Especially now, for more than 2 months crypto hasn't good news for its growth. I do not know what to think, maybe this is its end?

Re: Cryptomarket is falling, but blockchain is rapidly developing. It will be everywhere in 10 years? Or earlier?

Oh, you're a pessimist. Or are you 80 years old?) We have already lost a lot of attendants on the collapse, but I still think that the blockchain as a technological phenomenon will survive and will be implemented almost everywhere.

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