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Re: First use case

It’s important to see whether in the process of implementation and the entire bureaucracy would they not lose their enthusiasm, which is present in this article.


Decentralization, blockchain and big data are interconnected, and they are under attack .. What shall we do? It seems there is an option. What do you think about this -

Re: Annual reports. Why SN has it, but bigger projects don't

Maris wrote:
February 7th, 2019, 4:20 pm
If you look only at the listing, then you can sell at some short peak and not see that they have a new big client/partnership/release of something that is expected.
This applies to holding more, with altcoins to hold as with fire to play.

Monthly reports. Why is not everyone doing it?

I wish projects would do reports at least every month as they - . And we really need to take it as an example - they showed not only that they pay attention to technological development, but also showed that they are moving tow...

Re: Projects and bleeding market

Nobody will interfere with state cooperation and the blockchain, I think so.Blockchain is already taking its first steps in many countries. You mentioned SN, and what do they have there for partnership? This is just my guess. There is no official announcement. I just saw that they were participatin...

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