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Top Executive Says Almost All Cryptocurrencies Will Die

So another top executive now declares that almost all (95%) of all cryptocurrencies will perish. Matt Hougan from Bitwise also added that there is a bubble in the crypto industry, like the dot-com bubble.

Ripple Has More University Partners For Blockchain Research

Ripple is a cryptocurrency company that in addition to promoting itself in various ways, also invests in the future of the entire crypto industry by collaborating with many educational institutions in order to promote blockchain (which is the technology behind cryptocurrencies). https://all-stocks.n...

Terrorist Organization Hamas Uses Cryptocurrency for Donations

It is just terrible that despicable terrorist organizations are using cryptocurrency in order to raise funds for their awful deeds! They are abusing the qualities of cryptocurrencies to seek donations anonymously, so the money transfered would go under the radar.

Facebook Acquires the Blockchain Startup Chainspace

The social network mammoth Facebook has made its first blockchain related acquisition by hiring the team behind the blockchain startup Chainspace. Isn't it exciting news that such a hug...

A Guy Steals $5 Million in Bitcoin with SIM Swapping

Through swapping people's SIM of their mobile phone, this guy Joel Ortiz managed to pilfer more than $5 million in Bitcoin from crypto wallets in California, and it's hardly the first case of such stealing!

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