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JP Morgan and Cryptocurrency

The big bank JP Morgan is probably the biggest example of how the traditional financial world is finally aligning with the cryptocurrency market. First the bank went against Bitcoin, and now it has issued a digital currency of its own.

The Banks-Crypto Relationship

The relationship between banks and cryptocurrencies has become pretty interesting over the past year. While in the past banks had been unequivocally against crypto, now things are a little different.

Crypto In 2019?

There are many speculations and discussions online whether or not the cryptocurrency market will go back up in 2019, for instance: I think that we're certainly going to have a great year for cryptocurr...

IBM Creates Stablecoins for 6 Banks

It certainly seems that the cryptocurrency industry is shifting towards stablecoins. Now IBM is creating for 6 different banks stablecoins based on the Stellar cryptocurrency, and that's already JP Morgan released its own stablecoin.

Facebook Is Predicted To Make Billion From Its Cryptocurrency

When the big tech players join, you know the industry has a bright future: Facebook is now reportedly developing its own crypto stablecoin, and it's already predicted to make the company tons of money, billions!

Using Bitcoin In The Real World

One issue that I think is not being discussed enough in crypto communities is where you can actually use Bitcoin. Instead of thinking about Bitcoin just as an investment, it's time to think about it as an actual currency (which was its purpose to begin with).

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