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Craig Wright Says Binance and Tether Are Funding Prostitution and Slavery

Ok this is getting really crazy. This guy Craig Wright who claims is Satoshi (bitcoin founder) now accuses Binance and USDT that they are being used for funding of women prostitution and slavery!! This is alre...

Interesting Crypto Source on Ted

Great tips about cryptocurrency investment from an interesting page on Ted. There's also a nice video there. What I like about this page is that it doesn't promote hype but states very clearly that investors should be skeptical about it. It's really great to ...

US Congressman wants to completely ban cryptocurrency

This is really insane! Some US congressman (Brad Sherman) wishes to ban crypto entirely because it may successfully compete with the dollar. These kinds of undemocratic ideas are typical for third-world countries!

Tether is NOT fully backed by USD

The popular crypto stablecoin Tether USDT got into real trouble ... Now the company ADMITS that it's not fully USD-backed as they always had previously stated! This could be the beginning of the end f...

Government Issued Cryptocurrencies

There's certainly a new trend over the past year or so that governments try to create their own cryptocurrencies in order to enter the rapidly growing crypto world, and not miss out what may become a new sort of digital economy.

JP Morgan and Cryptocurrency

The big bank JP Morgan is probably the biggest example of how the traditional financial world is finally aligning with the cryptocurrency market. First the bank went against Bitcoin, and now it has issued a digital currency of its own.

The Banks-Crypto Relationship

The relationship between banks and cryptocurrencies has become pretty interesting over the past year. While in the past banks had been unequivocally against crypto, now things are a little different.

Crypto In 2019?

There are many speculations and discussions online whether or not the cryptocurrency market will go back up in 2019, for instance: I think that we're certainly going to have a great year for cryptocurr...

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