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Re: Why is bitcoin dropping?

Anthony wrote:
May 9th, 2018, 8:40 am
I would like to know when its going to grow again but anybody knows it? I dont thing so. In the future we will see more projects like Nebula Network with emission mechanism tied to the supply.
I personally think that it will sometime later this month.

Amazon filed a patent to de-anonymize Bitcoin transactions and sell the data

Article: Important quote from the article: The purpose here would be to combine data from different retailers and look for common points, such as a shipping...

Re: Is 2018 Going To Be A Massive Year For Blockchains ?

Crypto market is still growing. Maybe it's not so visible on numbers but there are many new, innovative projects of alt coins. I thing that soon there will be alt coins with roock stable exchange rate separated from Bitcoin. Have you heard about Nebula Network? It's storage cloud with emission mech...

Re: CryptoHeresy Will Close its Doors

It sounds a little contradictory but I think I get the general gist. Just to clear up - the ability to register will not be hindered after June, it's just that newly registered members have posting limitations that can be removed? I was interpreting it as that registrations themselves would be compl...

Re: Hackers ?

Hacking bitcoin is a pretty broad statement. Have a read here: Essentially, you yourself might be hacked in your personal bitcoin wallet, but the blockchain technology itself is different. There are hypotheticals on ways that malicious entities ...

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