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Re: Top Blockchain Project of 2018 with 100x Potential!

Have you heard about Nebula Network? Im curious of this project, as it's the first one with rock stable rate of exchange thanks to emission mechanism tied to the supply. It's decentralized storage cloud so solid backing is in form of computational power and disc space. I guess it will be a rising st...

Re: What about the future ?

Cryptocurrencies market is changing dynamically. We see that Bitcoin become something alike archetype. There are many new, more innovative alt coins which presents some value. I Thing that in future we will see more coins like Nebula Network. It's coin with rock stable rate separated from Bitcoin. I...

Re: Reasons why Cryptocurrency can not be ruined + Explanations about ICOs and further view

It may be true. I'm also thinking that there will be growing of crypto in second half of year. However Im curious about projects with rock stable rate of exchange separated from Bitcoin. Good example is Nebula Network, storage cloud based on its own blockchain. Seems innovative.

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