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Re: Futurocoin?

I would never invest in this coin and think that Futurocoin is a scam . I as admin see a lot of spammy topics and dummy accounts that are trying to trick me and act like they are real users asking about this coin. Ew. Many people think that Futurocoin can be a usual scam. But it successfully passed...

Re: Exchanges You Can Trust

BettyRodd thank you very much for advice :) Is it also some new exchange? Am I the only person who has a feeling that new exchanges are pooping up very often recently? How to protect ourselves from being scammed? There are dozens of unregulated exchanges. I am wary of too-good-to-be-true promotions...

Re: Hello!

Nice to meet you all. I've recently become interested in cryptocurrencies and I started to trade a little bit. I`m very ambitious and looking forward to ee big amount of money on my bank account :D

Re: Exchanges You Can Trust

Hi, I've recently become interested in cryptocurrencies and I think I want to start investing on exchange markets. I've recently seen some articles regarding this new exchange platform called CoinDeal and I wanna know what do you guys think. Since from what I see they've started only recently, and ...

Re: Other currencies

marianasist wrote:
July 11th, 2018, 1:01 pm
the site periodically asks his customers to vote for new currencies to be introduced in their market and this is what happened with monero
Wow, very democratic idea :) Is it the only exchange that offers something like that? Because I hear about it for the first time

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