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Re: Good Platform to Earn Money

For those who want to earn Etherium or any other cryptocurrency highly recommend unique platform named Stepium. Due to possibilities of cloud mining on Stepium, you can earn up to 8% per month on referral benefit structure for social sharing. When it comes time to currency conversion, it can be eas...

Re: private key

traian29 wrote:
May 8th, 2018, 4:14 pm there any free bitcoin private key software generator or website on internet?i have 1 btc qr code public key but no private key.thanks
Hi buddy. How did you get your public key?

Welcome to CryptoHeresy

👋 Bem-vindo meus amigos de língua portuguesa. Espero que o CryptoHeresy se torne um lugar amigável e acolhedor para sua comunidade. Sinta-se livre para me perguntar qualquer coisa. Quaisquer melhorias e edições do seu fórum são discutíveis. Muitas felicidades, Alexander Isora. Traduzido do inglês at...

Re: Portuguese Chanel

Hello, i'm from Brazil, i want to invite users to use this awesome forum, can admin create a portuguese tópic ? Thanks :D Hello Mateus and welcome to CryptoHeresy! I've created a forum for Portuguese users: You are a moderator of that forum so you ...

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