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Welcome to CryptoHeresy

👋 Bem-vindo meus amigos de língua portuguesa. Espero que o CryptoHeresy se torne um lugar amigável e acolhedor para sua comunidade. Sinta-se livre para me perguntar qualquer coisa. Quaisquer melhorias e edições do seu fórum são discutíveis. Muitas felicidades, Alexander Isora. Traduzido do inglês at...

Re: Portuguese Chanel

Hello, i'm from Brazil, i want to invite users to use this awesome forum, can admin create a portuguese tópic ? Thanks :D Hello Mateus and welcome to CryptoHeresy! I've created a forum for Portuguese users: You are a moderator of that forum so you ...

Re: What about the future ?

It also have a real value in form of computational power and disc space. There are many crypto projects on the scene than offer real value. But - alas! - none of them (AFAIK) are adopted and used by ordinary people - only by geeks and early adopters. Crypto is 9 years old, there are hundreds of pro...

Re: CryptoHeresy Will Close its Doors

It sounds a little contradictory but I think I get the general gist. Just to clear up - the ability to register will not be hindered after June, it's just that newly registered members have posting limitations that can be removed? I was interpreting it as that registrations themselves would be comp...

Re: Futurocoin?

I would never invest in this coin and think that Futurocoin is a scam.
I as admin see a lot of spammy topics and dummy accounts that are trying to trick me and act like they are real users asking about this coin. Ew.

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