✅✨[OFFER] PRO WhitePaper Writing Service ✨✅

✅✨Professional WhitePaper writing, portfolio.✨✅
- Whitepaper proofreading by a team of analysts and a general description of the document weaknesses (threats of correct positioning perception, comments on the composition, content and style of the narrative, the possibility of double interpretation, the undisclosed topics allocation), recommendations for leveling the document weaknesses.
- Whitepaper rewriting (grammatical and stylistic components). Marketing copywriting.
- Semantic rewriting (requires the Whitepaper proofreading implementation). Leveling of the project weaknesses, the formation of a quality document based on the provided project concept.
- Technical rewriting. Blockchain application substantiation, token-structure description.
- Full Version WhitePaper writing, within the given described concept.
- Light Version WhitePaper Writing.
- WhitePaper Design inclusive of the brand book or elements of a corporate identity provision.
- The translation. It includes WP in 2 languages RU + EN. The cost of translations into other languages is negotiated separately.

All the details, prices and information: https://t.me/wp3055.
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