Mainnet GrinGoldMiner 2.9 GRIN

Nvidia 6GB and AMD 8GB cards are supported. 6 GB cards in Windows 10 may not work because Windows is stealing some of the memory.

  • CUDA 6 GB for NVIDIA cards (also allows mining RTX 8 GB on Win 10)
  • Best nvidia speed
  • New logging options in the configuration (completely disable logging, delete old logs)
  • Error correction
Requires installed .NET Core 2.2!
Restart your computer after installing .NET Core Runtime and miner (configuration setting)

Known bugs:
  • Autodetection of the graphics processor may fail - use manual configuration
  • Some AMD GPUs require setx GPU_MAX_WORKGROUP_SIZE 1024
If you want to reset the miner settings, delete the file config.xml
Download miner:
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