RevenueBOT - cloud bot for trading on top cryptobirds

RevenueBOT - cloud trade bot for trading on top cryptobirds.

What is it?

- RevenueBot - software designed for automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges using the API interface.

- The work of the bot is based on the use of volatility rates of crypto coins. A bot can trade in any pair of crypto coins available on the selected exchange.

- You can run several bots simultaneously and thus trade several pairs of crypto coins at the same time on the same or on different crypto exchanges.

- The bot works from the "cloud" around the clock, there is no need to install software on your computer and leave it on so that the bot does not interrupt work.

- The bot works fully automatically, but it needs to be configured. Our service does not impose any specific settings and does not offer the services of trust management of cryptocurrency and finance.

- We can recommend successful strategies in the form of bot's template settings, but how you decide the bot will work.

For this, our service provides convenient interfaces for access to all possible settings of the bot, as well as complete statistics on trade and income.

How much is?

- We do not have a monthly fee and commission for transactions on cryptobirds. We take a commission of 20% only from the profit you receive when trading with a bot, but not more than 50 USD in BTC equivalent for a calendar month. You do not need to spend your money to use our bot!

- Every time a bot earns a profit, the commission is charged from the account balance. Each transaction is displayed on the profile page. It is not necessary to replenish the balance for the first launch of the bot, but as soon as you get a profit, your balance will become negative in the amount of 20% of the profit. This amount must be repaid within 3 days to avoid blocking the account and forcibly stopping the bots.

Using the exchanges API API, the bot follows the selected algorithm by executing orders and tracking their execution.
At the moment, there are two algorithms of the RevenueBot bot

How does it work?

1) Algorithm Long

The work of the bot occurs in cycles and is based on the principle of buy cheaper when the course falls (the initial part of the cycle) and sell more when the course increases (the final part of the cycle). The idea is that having a certain deposit, the bot does not buy the entire amount at once, but in parts when the price falls, using the order grid calculated in advance.

The first order in the grid is the closest to the current price and the smallest in volume. Each subsequent order is larger (martingale system is used) and cheaper. Thus, when the price falls, the bot buys more and more, but for a lower price, which allows you to make a final profitable trade, selling everything you buy at a price much lower than the bot began to buy.

Upon execution of such a transaction, we make a profit, the bot calculates everything and starts a new cycle of work. Profit is obtained in the second coin of the traded pair. The success of such trading is determined by the number of orders in the grid, the difference in their weights, the distance between each other, the indent of the first order and how deep from the current price will be the last order in the grid.

2) Short algorithm

The principle of operation is the same as that of the long algorithm, based on the sale with the growth rate and the purchase when the rate drops.

Depending on the settings, the bot calculates and places a grid of sell orders in such a way as to sell more and more as the price rises. After that, the bot tracks the placed orders and, if executed, places a purchase order at a price lower than they were sold.

A distinctive feature of the short algorithm is that the profit can be obtained both in the second coin of the traded pair and in the first coin.

Profit in the first coin is suitable for example for those who hold promising altcoins for a long time and wants to increase their initial depot in altcoin by trading them to btc, and not to earn in btc.
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