Sgminer so far for x22i/lyra2Z/phi2/allium on AMD

Supports Windows and Linux. Supports windows driver and Linux AMDGPU Pro driver. Supports most cards. Comes with pre-built binary kernels to speed up Ellesmere and Vega cards.

Estimated speed (beta5fp4):
phi2, rx 580: 3750khs; vega 56: 6750khs
lyra2Z, rx 580: 1950khs; vega 56: 3600khs
allium, rx 580: 4500khs, vega 56: 8200khs
x22i, rx 580: 5100khs, vega 56: 9000khs

I know that may be below the speed of some closed-source miners. Hope one day it can catch up.
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