Why not stop wasting your Mhz and electricity - Hadron.cloud - What you think?

I saw Hadron.cloud and start looking deeper and couple interesting things about it that captivated my attention.

1. It's not a secret that first and most important thing for any ICO or crypto project is a team. And to me looked like they got it.
2. It's a first blockchain project (I didn't came across anything like it) that harness your unused computing power. If you think about it, it's genius. We buy top of the line devices and power them 24/7 and yet we use these devices at their pick capacity maybe for 5-15% a day. So why wast electricity and resources? You can actually do a difference in the world with minimum effort , just stop being part of untapped power of billions of smartphones and PCs and power advanced artificial intelligence. We all know that AI is huge market and future and industries are moving full throttle in to this direction. 3. When you look at the bigger picture and consider points 1 and 2, you can surely see that this project, designed around artificial intelligence and crypto by visionaries and run by successful serial entrepreneurs from Stanford and Berkeley, will explode and actually do useful stuff for the good of society. So by taking part in it you can profit and be guild free, actually start feeling better about your self - because you actually do something good for the world. Happy marriage of both worlds ;)

Simply said it's unprecedented application build on foundation of blockchain and rapid growth and need for AI.

All you need is web browser. Here it what so good about it:
"Mining" is actually running AI computations for HADRON.cloud customers. That means your browser will be running useful neural network computations instead of just a repetitive cryptographic hash puzzle. Potentially, some of these computations can benefit all of humankind, including detecting diseases like cancer in radiology imagery.

And the model and aproch Hadron is taking is genius and to me sure to pay off and be deemed to be sucess. Instead of trying to attract crypto miner giant factories and who ever so call finished the race first get all winings, Hadron's proportional mining awards allows people with weaker machines, including many smartphones, to earn and spend. So if you have big farms, this probably is not for you. But if you have plenty of old devices you recycle or collect and they just mining dust. I mean, yes if you can afford the power, at the this time there is no incentives to do it, unless you want to make the difference and looking into the future. But if you have the resources and all your devices just seating running and burning electricity while collecting dust. Then I'm sorry you are a fool, get on the network. I sea so many computer stores and people with so many devices that they run all day long, every day. And all these systems do is either on a stand by, or run a one automated script once a day and thats it. How many of us have media centres, we never shut them off. We go to work, we come back home, we sometimes to tired we just go to bad...and this happens more then once a weak. So here we are 24 hr of burned electricity with no return and nothing to produce.

Alpha mining is currently in the progress. And I must say, team is doing it very smart, there will be multiple stages of testing.

What you think? Is this the future? Will other follow this path and method of mining?

So if you want more info just go to here:

But more important go here (thats where it all started)

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