50X Exchange - the First and the Only "Any to Any" crypto trading platform

Hello guys! I would like to tell you about one of the best and promising cryptocurrency exchanges in the world: 50X exchange. Why do I call it the most promising? Because it offers UNIQUE “Any to Any” trading technology, allowing you to buy or sell ANY coin for ANY other on the exchange.

Many existing exchanges wanted to do it. Many made different announcements in the past. But only 50X Exchange was able to do it!
The exchange was in development since September 2017. It was in alpha, beta and now the final version is available. Developers released the final version just a week ago and a huge growth is coming. You can also become a part of this growth.

Right now there are 19 coins listed on the exchange which give 342 UNIQUE trading pairs. Developers are planning to add up to 100 coins (10 000 trading pairs) soon.
There is also liquidity aggregator that gathers liquidity from other exchanges like Binance and Huobi.

Extra features:
• Color customization (change interface colors like you want)
• Simple and PRO interfaces

50X Exchange has 2 tokens:
• A2A Token for lowering commissions (similar to BNB).
• STE Token for dividends. The exchange shares 100% of the income among investors. And you can be one one of them!

You can find more information about 50X at https://50xexchange.com/ You can register on 50X and see all the features right now. Only login and password is required.
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