If you ever wonder how much does an ICO PR cost, and more info related

The cost of PR for ICO is universally set. It depends on how much buzz you want to make and how large you want your ICO to be. My answer based on experience I got from working with more than 30 ICO’s in the last few months with my ICO marketing company. (check it out if you like)

The costs always vary, but I made a list that will help you to understand the ICO PR costs:
Articles on popular crypto websites - 2,000$–12,000$ Per Article. On Cointelegraph, for example, the price is 1–2 BTC to submit your PR article.
*Here is a full list of ICO rating sites of 2018 where you can publish your material

Youtube Influencers - $5K - $40K per video.

ICO Community Management - The price can go from 7,000$-20,000$.

Content Writers - In case you don’t have a content writer on your team You will probably need to hire a freelancer. Price per article can go from 50$-500$ for a high-quality article
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