Re: Need help with starting trading

If you are looking for a project worth investing in, you should make a good research first. What is important? Primarily the team, people gathered arround the project, second thing is the website - it should be proffesional and representative. Be careful of primitive projects as it may be scam. Currently I'm watching an interesting project Nebula Network, there will be ICO soon. Just look at their website - it's good example how to do new coin :)
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Re: Need help with starting trading

LouiseBlanc wrote:
March 20th, 2018, 1:03 pm

Im a fresh user of this forum.

Please give me a link to the therms of forum - thank You

Can You send me a link to place where are you talking about cryptocurrency?
Beginnings are always difficult, but you've done well to register in this forum. There are plenty of useful things here and you'll always find something interesting. There are also some educational materials here. I can recommend you a tutorial: a few tips on how to trade on the CoinDeal platform. FuturoCoin released a very nice tutorial - you can find it here: ... beginners/ in an easy way they described what to do step by step. I used it myself for my first investments in the FTO!
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