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[AIRDROP] MJOLNIR GUARD 22,222 Pcs FREE worth of 80$

Posted: May 27th, 2018, 2:16 pm
by perper350
[AIRDROP] MJOLNIR GUARD 22,222 Pcs FREE worth of 80$

Mjolnir Guard is a hybrid web wallet & app platform with decentralized

cloud storage and inheritance assistance to keep your crypto alive for the future heirs.

Mjolnir Guard is airdropping 22,222 MJR tokens to the community members.


- Visit the website

- Submit your details and signup

- Verify your mail and log in

- Click on “Airdrop” from the dashboard

- Join their Telegram group

- Follow them on Twitter

- Answer and submit this Quiz form

- Submit your details to the airdrop page

- Go to “Buy tokens” from the dashboard and submit your ETH address, you will get 22,222 MJR tokens