Say hello to the new moderator!

Ladies and gentlemen!
Meet the new CryptoHeresy moderator - kenzie.
Kenzie is here not just for banning, but also for helping to grow a warm community. You can freely ask him a Bitcoin-related question by mentioning him like this:

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His job is to help you with any cryptocurrency problems.

For all interns: sorry that it was not you. Better luck next time!
I've sent a private message on Reddit and emailed to everyone who was on his 30 days internship (now it's ended) for the Moderator position.

P.S.: Wish you all Merry Christmas! 🎅
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Re: Say hello to the new moderator!

Thanks, Alex! I will do my best and make CryptoHeresy sweet & nice!
I will also continue recruiting new members from chats. As we can see, there are many people who are interested in joining new communities like this one.
BTW, see you have added the meme-sidebar widget as I've suggested in a PM. Looks great!

BEEnull wrote:Congratulations @kenzie

Thank you, BEEnull!
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