Re: [AIRDROP] Varnix - Integrating software professionals use with cryptocurrencies

Hey, this is an udate from the team.

The project hase finished the system architecture and the decision that our way to go is to start implementing immediately.
they know they have a lot to prove, so the team will just be working quietly on delivering the best solution it can.

It does mean that we will be delaying the bounty campaign, pre-sale and the roadmap.
But on the flip side, we will be working freely toward a working version of the application which they believe will make the project more attractive to users.

They truly want to make this project happen and see it being used to conduct business.
It is possible because it has worked in a similar fashion before and that is why the team wants to build this and share it with everyone.

Our sole focus will be technology implementation and development and any shorter-term updates will be related to them.
So yeah, we will be spending our next few weeks coding the architecture that I designed.

Stay tuned.
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