Sphere Social provides user safety and security.

I am more transparent, honest and open-minded, so it's easy to use. Building the personalities and security principles of the industry as unrealistic, providing security, safety and security for users.
It is an established product in the Internet, the Internet, the Google Play store, the Apple App Store. So, it's good to be a member of the field. Please use this link if you need to find out details. https://sphere.social/.

I feel the Sphere Network is the next generation distributed social media network. This project has developed its own dapp for social media, aims to distribute concentrated applications such as Facebook, and contributes to block chain development.
In theory, We can decentralize centralized applications such as FB, so it has the confusing advantage of enabling privacy of social media created on dapp and control over social media data.
Since the platform is an independent dapp,We need a custom token, but in theory you can achieve this with only ETH. This system aims to be completely distributed in the future, but since it is completely centralized in the present form, the method to achieve complete decentralization is not clear. Because FB is completely centralized, it is Pontentially disruptive
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