“Instant Book” and “Request to Book” appointment scheduling for clients.

The PinkDate Escorting Platform knows that it integrates detailed search, reservation, payment, screening into a single user-friendly interface.

PinkDate is the first platform to combine screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. Some of the unique benefits they offer include:
  • Elegant interface with Tinder-like swipe capabilities and engagementdriving characteristics.
  • Client and escort screening/verification system.
  • Our internal network uses authenticated (unlisted) Tor hidden services and data encryption for enhanced privacy and security.
  • “Instant Book” and “Request to Book” appointment scheduling for clients.
  • Payments accepted in cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Monero) and cash.

As the only global commercial organization that confronts sex workers, PinkDate will grow rapidly. Working for PinkDate is safer and more profitable than being independent or working for a local organization.

They will do strict validation of escort age using their own software. For more info you can simply visit http://www.pinkdate.is
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