Why is bitcoin dropping?

With day to day decrease in value of bitcoin the bearish performance comes off the back of BTC losing one thousand US dollar in the space of an hour on Wednesday, in the wake of a US regulatory crackdown on crypto exchanges. The crypto space is susceptible to FUD to a degree that is unprecedented in most marketplaces. Entire populations move money in and out of crypto based on mainstream news sharing select stories. One of the largest exchanges in the world possibly has been hacked coupled with the SEC reiterating their involvement in the crypto space caused significant panic this week.
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Re: Why is bitcoin dropping?

There are many things that have been affecting the drop but in the long run, it will rise.

This happens in all market adoptions initial stages of a product or service. There is always a huge surge and drop. After the drop a slow rise with barriers to grow leading to more drops. After the initial phase has been passed, the pace of growth will slowly stabilize at a certain point.

The next few years are going to be the important years to see how far Bitcoin will go. If the barriers are too strong, the price will drop and wont rise again. If there is even a bit of hope, the prices will rise and could have a huge room to grow.

This is all speculations dependant on the market and policies/ regulations

You can read a bit more about the upcoming five years predictions here
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Re: Why is bitcoin dropping?

Bitcoin is just a propagandistic media event, should't be allowed to propagate private currencies in public media but it was still being done making bitcoin rich in the end and lifting its price nothing special,

this media attention is now beeing distorted by 2 wayes

1. altcoins

2. bitcoin core is not true bitcoin but bitcoin xyz
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Re: Why is bitcoin dropping?

Bitcoin is dropping because BTC is still in the intro adoption stage of the market. This stage, the product (BTC) will fluctuate a lot until the market adopts the idea. This is normal for any product being introduced to the market, especially something this big and global.

Many parts of the world are taking on blockchain and crypto in general. Once the world accepts crypto as a valid currency, you will see it jump. You also need to consider that BTC will hit its market cap by 2040. Once BTC hits its cap, the supply will only come from people who have BTC already or when a new coin is discovered, meaning with demand high and supply low, the cost will increase.
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