Product — 10th August development update

Since our public beta launch(!) we’ll be posting product updates to the community on a regular basis. These posts will showcase what our development and product team is working on behind the scenes.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working closely with our community to polish the product. Since launch, the Alluma tech team has spent this past week on testing the platform with different browsers and OS, deploying our referral program, and redesigning our trade screen:

We built our new referral program from scratch. Now you can invite your friends to join Alluma and you both will earn 200 LUMA tokens($10) when they trade over $25. To get your unique referral link just open your settings page and choose “Referral Code” in the submenu. Product — 10th August development update Product — 10th August development Product — 10th August development update. Your friend can register using your referral code.

When your friend receives the link and registers our system automatically captures that information and records them as a referral under your account. Pretty neat. Try it out and refer some friends to Alluma 😄.

Trade screen design revamp. This is still a work in progress, but I’m happy to show the updated designs of our platform trade screen. Let me know what you think in the comments! Product — 10th August development update

Other notes and releases:

We’ve added the Firefox browser support. Welcome Firefox users!
Alluma stays international focused: We’ve increased the “Full name” field length from 30 to 60 characters.

Android application is going through final QA before beta release.
Other small fixes and adjustments as well. Our team is testing the platform on different devices under different configurations and from different locations.

Finally, I want to add that your feedback is very important for us. We’re reading all of it and it truly helps our team identify new ways to improve our platform and processes. Stay tuned for more updates!

Also be sure to join our Telegram Community to be part of the conversation and stay up to date on important announcements.

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