GDAX / Coinbase deposit lost, anyone else experience this?

4 days ago I made a Bitcoin deposit into my GDAX account from Binance and it never showed up!

Blockchain shows that it was confirmed and sent successfully to the address, but it never showed up in my GDAX account. Coinbase usually shows pending transactions, but I don't have any pending notices or anything indicating that GDAX or Coinbase received the Bitcoin. The address I sent the bitcoin to was from GDAX deposit link, and I confirmed it was correct before the transaction was made.

Even worse, I tried for 8 hours yesterday to call Coinbase and GDAX support, each time waiting on the phone for 45 minutes to over an hour each time only to have a support person answer the call, take my information, then tell me to wait a moment while they connect me to a specialist and then get hung up on. This happened 6 times yesterday. I tried again today finally got a hold of someone and was told they couldn't help me over the phone it has to go into a Que and they will communicate with me via email.

It is now going on 5 days, this has pretty much ruined my holiday and I am out $1,500.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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