AI with Blockchain: The power to take the electronic money market to new heights

The combined power of Blockchain technology with Intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to grow, blocking other industries. For example, the DeepBrain Chain combines AI power with Bitcoin’s blockchain technology to help businesses save 70% of their electricity costs on a computer. Namahe owns AI’s intelligent computing power to take on blockchain smart deals and apply them consistently, … The use of blockchains in supply chain management offers significant advantages in terms of decision making. Flexibility based on collected data. In parallel, innovative financial businesses, such as TradeConnect, are using machine learning (ML) and blockchain to better understand financial markets.

AI and blockchain are the hottest technologies

Blockchain technology and AI are fueling revolutionary innovations in every industry. These promising projects contain a lot of these technologies, making the researchers and investors feel very excited.

For example, on May 29, 2018, CarSmartt announced that they had teamed up with Archer Robotics and Aitheon Blockchain to develop a self-steering fleet for delivery. On the other hand, Porche, in partnership with Xain, has begun testing blockchain-based applications in their vehicles.

Financial journalist Roger Aitken writes, “Researchers and companies have recently acquired AI and ML (Machine Learning) to promote innovation and solve problems.”

Aitken also proposed that the power of AI and blockchain would make electronic money transactions easier and more efficient. Aiken writes,

“Traders in speculative markets such as electronic money can clearly test the profitability of technical analysis, which operates using quantitative historical data. And, it is something AI and ML can do with large volumes of data with high efficiency

In this link, Aiken mentions TradeConnect, TradeConnect using ML and blockchain technology to facilitate the exchange of electronic funds, as well as the exchange of traditional financial assets.

The AI ​​and blockchain technologies, when combined, promise the advent of great and lucrative business solutions in the Internet of Everything (IOE). As Dr. Steve Andriole predicts:

Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and IOE will earn you money in 2019.

Designed to be successful

As you can see, Blockchain and AI have made great strides to bring together. Their natural fit is not entirely surprising. Both belong to the coding field. In fact, coding is the blood type of the entire Blockchain system. AI has the raw computing power to handle encrypting quickly and securely — both decryption and encryption are kept private.

AI also fits perfectly with the growing complexity in Blockchain’s extensibility. Although this is still a problem with some Blockchain like Bitcoin the scalability is being quickly resolved by some developers in the field. In some cases, this made Blockchain quite difficult to use; There is a tremendous amount of information, but there is no way to filter it effectively. This is where AI is needed. In some applications AI can use the data generated by the blockchain system to design new and tighter blockchain projects. Basically, the AI ​​that is incorporated in the blockchain will help blockchain become more effective as it grows. As a result, we get a self-study blockchain with almost limitless potential.

Blockchain and AI are a natural combination and are likely to grow stronger over time. In addition, it is likely that AIs running on Blockchain and AI platforms built on Blockchain will become increasingly popular. We are at the top of a truly smart technological revolution.
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