Crypto Bot in the Transaction, is it really effective?

Bot Cryptocurrency tools play an important role in the pre-coding market today. They are promoted as an easy way to make a profit because Bots will run on the machine automatically. But, if they are so effective, why not? Is there a way to use this tool in trading to increase profits?

What are Crypto Bots?

Simply put, the crypto bot is a tool that can make trading decisions on your behalf, according to a specially designed algorithm. Therefore, the ability of a bot to earn profits depends on the algorithm, the higher the algorithm, the more profitable you are.

Overall, crypto bots can be categorized as built-in bots and custom bots. Traders prefer preferred bots because they have been programmed for trading strategies. Conversely, if a business person has knowledge of programming, they can customize build bots and make modifications as needed.

Efficient Networking of Crypto Bots?

We all know that the crypto market is constantly changing. Due to the “volatile” nature of this market, traders are always in a state of “not eating well, sleeping quietly”, fearing that a good day may know, all his possessions can disappear. For this reason, automated trading programs are fast becoming popular because traders can “commit” their assets to these tools. Moreover, a bot can deal with several times faster than manual transactions. This allows traders to make a profit in a shorter time.

There is no denying the benefits of crypto bots, however, if new traders try to make a big profit using these bots, think again. A rigid trading platform will only support trader for a limited time because this is a dynamic market, so it is not possible to set up a trading strategy for a long time.

If a trader uses a custom built crypto bots, they must analyze the market and set up a trading strategy accordingly. Therefore, the success of crypto bot is adjusted will depend on the talent of the programmer. If the trader understands the market, and knows how to re-program when the market changes, they can earn sustainable profits.

Crypto Bots Combined With Artificial Intelligence?

In recent times, crypto bots supported by artificial intelligence have attracted the attention of traders who have no knowledge of the crypto market and are looking to rely entirely on robots to make the decision. for their transaction. According to the developers, crypto bots with artificial intelligence are a combination of available and customizable transaction robots. They have the ability to update and change existing trading strategies to match pre-market conditions. This means that the robot will learn and program regularly, making the most informed decisions and announcements to the user before each transaction decision.

In fact, some hedge fund and startup groups are exploring this area and have achieved desirable results.

The hedge fund is Numerai, which uses artificial intelligence to make trading decisions. Instead of manually developing algorithms, they have outsourced this task to thousands of data scientists who compete to create the best algorithms for AI, in return for pre-encoding prizes.

Another startup, Excolony, is developing a new trading system combining AI, Blockchain, and Big Data, which was developed for use in the pre-emptive trading market, AI Trade Assistant.

AI Trade Assistant has been developed with a team of experts from financial companies with years of experience in the stock market, electronic money and experts from the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence. It operates on the basis of Big Data and dedicated machine platforms that provide the means and tools pioneered by traders.

Continuing to learn the trading behavior of professional investors, AI Trade will analyze and make real-time trading based on real-time market information for users to make accurate decisions. Provide signals to buy / sell any currency pair. It has also been programmed to recognize the optimal market conditions for the transaction, using behavioral science to detect any losses that may arise with each order of the investor. AI Trade also creates a portfolio that balances digital assets so that users accessing the system can detect the risks themselves and change their pre-coded portfolio based on the status of the market. This is the most profitable network. It is like a businessman like a human being.

Despite being in development, the prospect of Excolony AI Trade in the future is expected to be a powerful tool for pre-codec investors. Exciting AI, combining the power of thousands of investors, Excolony AI Trade provides account management, portfolio management, Accept investment tasks from users and provide knowledge to improve financial literacy.

There are still skeptics, especially with traditional traders, that are not sure how Crypto Bots combined with artificial intelligence will be effective in mastering the complexity of the market. translated, often affected by unexpected and unpredictable parameters. It is obvious, however, that algorithms can provide invaluable insights and suggestions that help people to make better decisions.

Some experts in the field of building artificial intelligence technology used in electronic money transactions will be the main trend of the trading floors in 2019. It can be said from 2018, the field This starts on the path to maturity with the development and integration of Big Data and blockchain technology as well as Deep Learning.
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