[ANN][M2D] MÖBIUS 2D - The Future Of Decentralized Gaming



Announcing Möbius 2D - the future of decentralized gaming!

We are releasing our first game and by participating in it, you also become our token holder! Token holders will receive part of ALL future revenue of this and any other projects we develop.

What is Möbius 2D?

It was inspired by FOMO3D, but it is built from the ground up with efficiency and user friendliness in mind. It is an investment/lottery game with different mechanics which allows you to make a profit. Players in each round of this game are called investors.

[*]Investors can buy shares. The last person to buy a share is the one who will win the big jackpot once the timer runs out.
[*]Each share bought adds 5 minutes to the timer, up to a max of 24 hours.
[*]Share price stays constant until the hard deadline (30 days from the start of a round). After that share price doubles every hour - this makes sure that a round has an ending, and that there are more returns to late investors.
[*]Buying any number of shares during the round brings passive income (returns). Returns are available in real time! You can reinvest your returns or withdraw ETH the moment someone invests after you.
[*]You can set your nickname, which will appear on the stats, to pretty much anything (including emojis )
[*]Once you set your nickname you can share a referral link and earn part of what others invest via your link, with no downside to them (or you can give yourself a 1% discount by using your own ref link )
[*]Investing more than 0.1 ETH at a time brings you several advantages:
- You get bonus shares (literally more returns on investment)
- You have a chance to win an ETH airdrop

[*] For every share you buy in the first round of Möbius 2D you also get one M2D token (if you invest >0.1 ETH you also get a discount on the tokens). Tokens are limited to the number of shares sold during the first round - when the round ends, minting is finished and no more tokens will be created.
[*]Token holders will receive 9% of the future revenue generated by Möbius 2D, and any further games we develop!

Our 2D Investment Scheme is Better Because:
[*]2D is better than 3D in terms of returns on investment.
[*]Our code is better (check it out on etherscan)
[*]Our website is also completely decentralized and we couldn't take it down even if we wanted to (hosted on IPFS)
[*]We hope to create a friendlier community, and to do that 10% of all M2D tokens will be used for community initiatives and bounties (check out our Discord)

ICO Goals:

[*]Our first priority after the ICO is to create a UI for dividends withdrawal (you can always get your dividends by directly interacting with the contract using Myetherwallet or similar).
[*]50 ETH raised: a decentralized exchange where people can freely trade their tokens. Fees from the exchange will also be shared with token holders.
[*]100 ETH raised: a dice game with special Möbius mechanics.
[*]500 ETH raised: a P2P betting platform - it will start with being able to place simple bets against other players (on dice rolls, price of ETH, or or others), but it will evolve into more complex mechanics.
[*]1000 ETH raised: develop a complete suite of games which work together.

We are going to be closely listening to the community, especially our token holders, for feedback and future product requests. We hope to create a truly decentralized community where we deliver what the community wants in a decentralized and unstoppable way.

What You Need to Play:

You'll need Metamask for chrome, or a mobile Web3 browser. Visit M2D.win (or any of the direct IPFS gateway links below) and buy your first share! If you have any questions, drop us a line here or on discord!


https://M2D.win (uses the cloudflare IPFS gateway - if unavailable use another gateway below)
DISCORD - For more details and real time discussion

Detailed Specification

Main Contract Address:


Nickname Registrar Address
0x4d6ec066345e3466d9e970caad4732983ae4bc2cIPFS Hash[/td][td]QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe

Different IPFS Gateways links (if one is down, you can visit another one):

Infurahttps://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZF ... 8GAcpkyuWe

https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZ ... 8GAcpkyuWe

IPFS.io 2
https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFd ... 8GAcpkyuWe

https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmecRJ ... 8GAcpkyuWe

https://siderus.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkm ... 8GAcpkyuWe
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