Do you konw about teloscoin?

I know that they are offering real service.Transcendece combines open source distributed block chains and existing services like AmiCloud and indieGO - Appstore.

All of them accept the Transcendence Network Token called Telos. Long-term planning is to move cloud storage and cloud computing aspects of closed source software to open source block chains.

This will allow Transcendence to become an open marketplace targeted towards developers and artists, a decentralized and optionally-private communication method, but also a powerful processing platform that will grant users access to conventional cloud services as well as the D-Wave quantum computing cloud.

I feel this is an excellent platform.This is in fact possible, considering that IndieGo and AmiCloud, two platforms offering such services, are already available on the Transcendence platform.

The cryptocurrency project will do this, by putting all participants of the network on an equal level. This can be done by combining Proof of Stake, with Proof of SaaS (Storage as a Service), alongside PoC (Computational Power as a Service).

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