Re: What altcoins will survive in future?

KingKing wrote:
February 16th, 2018, 12:27 pm
My prediction is that every coin will die except for a very few ones: Litecoin, Ethereum, Doge, NEO, XEM, Cardano and may be a couple more.
Would be really curious to hear your opinion about hodling altcoins.
Ripple (XRP) will definitely survive. And could possibly overtake ETH at some point in time as simply the best trading altcoin.
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Re: What altcoins will survive in future?

DOGE should survive because of people will always love memes, ahaha.

Talking about the future - I'm new, read a lot and found the interesting fact, that "there will be 100.000.000 FuturoCoins in existence and the time needed to mine all the coins is set to 10 years". In terms of that, what do you think about the future of crypto? Do you even consider altcoins, like fe. FTO, as a long time investment?
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Re: What altcoins will survive in future?

Thanks for the info, it looks like my estimations about Ripple and Ethereum were on the spot then ; it's reassuring, even as a complete noob in the subject, I managed to understand enough from the articles and forums I could read to get a semi-decent grip on the situation. I hope that it's not a fluke and that it won't be an error to begin looking more seriously into XRP...

However, I'm kinda surprised that Dogecoin made it into the list, I heard about it when it was launched, but I thought it was more of a joke than anything, and that even if it was a "real" cryptocurrency, it would fall flat when the meme died down weeks later. But no, it's alive and well. Beats me, but good for its users.
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