Crypto-Commodities will drive you into the future

Standardization and interchangeability are two of the most pivotal virtues which attribute fungible features to commodities . Fungibility leads to uniformity of prices of commodities at any place in the world. However, factors like transportation and taxes affect the prices of commodities.

After successful years in physical trading, We have an ambitious plan to create a global marketplace in Commodities and to do this we need to create a unified trading platform. Well, that’s why we wish to develop a trading platform which helps everyone trade commodities with cryptocurrencies.

We will be raising funds to develop such a platform to create seamless trading of commodities. New Zone will be giving out NZ tokens in the ICO period. So, be a part of this beautiful journey and help us develop a reliable trading platform.

ICO Site: NewZoneEx
Non ICO Site: NewZoneIntertrade
Telegram: New Zone

Join Telegram and feel free to ask about New Zone. New Zone Team is ready to answer your Queries and if you are Commodity Trading enthusiast then you are welcome to share your views

Note: Pre-Registration Is Available
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