[BOT] ARBI - a High Frequency Triangular Arbitrage trading bot for Poloniex and OKEX (+YObit bonus) with WEB GUI

What is ARBI?
Arbi is high frequency triangular arbitrage trading bot for Poloniex and OKEX and Yobit
It is designed to be as lightweight and fast as possible so you won’t miss an arbitrage opportunity.

What is Triangular Arbitrage ?
Placing transactions in three crypto currencies to exploit a market inefficiency for a theoretical risk free trade is called Triangular Arbitrage . BTC/XMR@0.02235274 -> XMR/BLK@0.00227243 -> BTC/BLK@0.00005134 -> Profit % 0.8219 Total time for all trades: ~2 seconds

How fast is ARBI ?
ARBI gets the data from websocket feed. The prices are updated in real-time.Prices are updated few times per second.ARBI can generate new nonce every 2ms and it can make 8 trades per second (theoretically up to 500 trades per second, but Poloniex limit is 8 calls per second).ARBI follow 20 different pair combinations each on its own thread so you can’t miss an arbitrage opportunity.

Supported Operating Systems:
ARBI works both on Windows and Linux. For Windows you need .NET Framework v4.6.2. For Linux you need mono-devel package.
Tested on: Windows 7 , Windows Server 2016 , Ubuntu 16.0.4. with x86 CPU

Program output (Profit track) https://ybin.me/p/43cd0101be18a766#LfY5 ... 8VKbdsViY=

Get your lifetime licence and all future updates https://cryptocatbot.com/product-tag/arbi-bot/
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Re: [BOT] ARBI - a High Frequency Triangular Arbitrage trading bot for Poloniex with WEB GUI

New version released.

Version 1.6.3 now available.
Whats new:

⦁ All modules has been refactored
⦁ Improved execution time.
⦁ Separate error log.
⦁ Remote diagnostics.
⦁ Profit Monitor fix (if there was no trade history for the current day, profit monitor was showing data from the last day with trades)
⦁ Profit Monitor view formatting improved.
⦁ Bank Monitor view formatting improved.
⦁ Activity History view formatting improved.
⦁ Activity Details view formatting improved.

Checkout wiki
https: //
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Re: [BOT] ARBI - a High Frequency Triangular Arbitrage trading bot for Poloniex and OKEX with WEB GUI

Version 1.7.0

• New exchange added (Yobit).
• Scanner verbose logging.
• Improved Profits logging.
• Triangular combos revision.
• Volume checker revision.
• Removed delisted pairs.
#Client API:
• Added endpoints for Yobit.
• Excluded pairs can be both lower and upper case.
• Improved activity details page.
• Verbose Logging options added in Global Config.
• Telegram options added in Global Config.

About Yobit:
Yobit will not be sold as separate license.
One Yobit license will be given as bonus to anyone owning both Poloniex and OKEx license.
Everyone who own both Poloniex and OKEx license, PM me with your Yobit API key.
*Promotion rules may change in time.

Migrating from 1.6.9.x:
You can copy BankData files and exchange configs.
Don't copy config-Global.json from older versions.
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