Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Did you know that the Aunite Group's cashback service includes an official premium reseller of the Apple products in Russia?
The online store "Cstore" represents a complete line of Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, iPod, Apple TV and many more.

Are you looking for the new Apple devices? Do you want to receive cashback up to 7% from purchases? So, click here:
We wish you good purchases! The information is in effect at the time it's published.
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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Dear participants of the bounty campaign,

The AUNITE's (IAC) campaign is over. We'd like to thank everyone who took part in it!
IMPORTANT! Rewards for participation in the bounty campaign will be credited by the own crypto currency of the project - AUNIT. In order to receive the reward, please register the wallet in the AUNITE blockchain and set it on the bounty platform. Detailed instructions can be found here ... 05fcdb9b1d:
ATTENTION! We've started crediting bounty within four weeks after Oct 12. Those who have not completed the necessary actions will not be eligible for any reward!
The reward will be awarded by 5000 Aunit per week until you fully receive the earned Aunit coins.
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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

Congress Prosperity: 5 reasons to attend the venue

- You will receive valuable modern tools for the self-development and the job you are set to.

-Recharge yourself with positive energy allowing you to improve your life in all areas.

- You'll witness and take part in the awards ceremony in various nominations of the best among the best. The outstanding leaders of companies from different industries will cross the red carpet on the spotlight of the tremendous laser show.

- More than 10 leading experts on business leadership, motivation, sales, personal performance and modern business development will speak out at the show.

You will meet a lot of like-minded people, potential customers and partners.

Yevgeny Shchelkonogov, Aunite Group's Chairman, will deliver a speech at the Congress Prosperity. In addition to the main speech, Evgeny will take part in the panel discussion on blockchain technologies and cryptoinvestment.

Join the Congress Prosperity, which will be held on October 27-28 in Moscow (Park-Hotel “Prince”) -
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Re: [ANN][ICO] Aunite Group - Multilevel Cashback Service

The review of Aunit coin: its rate against BTC and USD

Dear readers,

Before starting to review the coin Aunit I want to share positive news with you: the coin was listed on the new exchange. Therefore, a better buying potential emerges, which will have a positive impact on the rate against the US dollar and other coins.

At the time I am writing this review, the Aunit coin rate on the ExRates exchange is $2, the rate of the coin on the BTC-Alpha exchange is $0.045. Of course, it will be difficult to use this arbitration in practice due to the small number of coins on the ExRates exchange, but the arbitration itself is real. The question is only in volume. When ExRates’s depth will be filled, there will not be such a high difference. This is what makes the market attractive. Later, supply and demand will equal on both exchanges to the same level. Arbitrage will be possible only on the short-term fluctuations in supply or demand. Speculators will make money on both exchanges and trade will be boosted accordingly. This activity will support the coin.


After a strong growth, the currency pair has been gradually dropping over the past 7 days. However, an attempt to squeeze a coin to a previous support or a previous Low 0.0312 has failed, at least for now. There is a probability that the pair is drawing a new Low, however, there is no reversal pattern on the daily frame, which means that the rate can go lower.
The Buy options at the moment are the following: you can buy, because we are not far from the support, the entry points can be at 0.0293 and 0.0217. Given the fact the support is close and on condition the rate does not fall, it makes sense to buy some coins.
If we talk about the goal for growth, the most modest goal is at 0.0612. In addition to this rate, there is resistance around 0.0800 and 0.1200. The outlook for a rebound from these levels or a breakthrough followed by growth will depend on the nature of the correction around these levels. But we cannot exclude a strong growth, the so-called PUMP: in this case, resistance levels will work intra day.
We should also pay attention to the positive dynamics regarding the volumes. Now the depth on this pair is well filled, and the spread is very tight. The closest Buy price is 0.0429, and the closest Sell price is 0.0416.


Aunit is being traded against Bitcoin less actively. At the time I am writing this review, the coin can be bought for 0.00000791 Bitcoin, and sold for 0.00000623 Bitcoin. Low activity also has a negative impact on the chart; however, it enables to carry out technical analysis.
The first level, which makes sense to state, is support 0.00000622. Now we are not far from this support and it makes sense to buy. If this level is broken, the pair can be around ​0.00000170, so it makes sense to place a buy order and at 170.
As for the TP level, in the event of a successful trade, its goal will be resthe istance of the current channel, provided that there is a rebound or a false breakthrough of support 622 — this is a quote 0.00001000–0.00000950. If the false break is deep and buy options at 0.00000400 open, then it makes sense to take profit by 200 points earlier: at 0.00000800. If the price rolls back down and your orders are at 0.00000170, profit should be fixed at 0.00000600. Upon that, buying around 170 should be done with a larger lot than buying around 600–650. If you’d like to earn more, you can exit partly at 0.00001500, and partially stay in the market and wait for when the rate hits 0.00002000 and 0.00002300.

Wishing you successful trading,
Aunite Group
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